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Your go-to source for advocacy, education, support and inspiration.


Specializing in the intersection of complex chronic illness and neurodiversity.


Offering a variety of services.

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If you’ve struggled with our modern-day healthcare system, you’re not alone!​​​​​​​

Unfortunately, our healthcare system is broken and set up in a way that does not make it easy to receive a proper diagnosis, care, and treatment -- especially with complex chronic illness. It often leaves you feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and still suffering. 

I get it!

I've been there personally, and now I am here to help you.


Ashton Nesmith-Kochera, BCPA
Owner, Board Certified Patient Advocate

Hello! I'm Ashton. I became a teacher for a very brief time. However, chronic illness and the traumatic pregnancy, childbirth, and NICU experience with my daughter ultimately led to my passion for patient advocacy. ​​​


After years of near-daily research and leading a local support group, among other advocacy efforts, I became a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) in the Spring of 2018.


I work within private practice, consulting, health policy, research, and advising, specializing in the intersection of chronic illness and neurodiversity.


Active within several patient advocacy organizations, I advocate from a unique multi-perspective as not only a BCPA, but patient, caretaker, and educator for person-centered healthcare based on trust, quality care, among many other advocacy issues.

Advocacy, education, support, and inspiration are at the core of my approach to patient advocacy. 

Coming Soon -
CEU Opportunities for BCPA's & Healthcare Professionals




Patient Advocacy Consultations

1:1 remote consultations addressing healthcare concerns through a structured approach and helpful resources.




Opportunities including interviews, publishments, speaking/presentations,

guest podcasts/blogs, & more!




Advocacy Opportunities

 Collaboration opportunities including advising universities and organizations, attending healthcare advocacy events, etc.

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I offer private and public sector advocacy collaborations including consulting and advising.
In addition to educational presentations (CEUs), and speaking opportunities; on a variety of healthcare-related topics within my specialty for healthcare professionals and organizations.

Person-Centered, On Location or Remote

Top Topics:

The Intersection of chronic illness and neurodiversity.

The not so rare “Trifecta” of EDS, POTS, and MCAS.

Advocating for the Neurodiverse (Professional CEU Option Coming Soon)



Chronic Illness

POTS, MCAS, Long-Covid

Lending a Helping Hand

If you have a complex chronic illness case where you have been diagnosed with one or more of the above conditions or suspect it, and haven't been able to gain control over it - you've come to the right place.

White Paper

Intersection of
Chronic Illness & Neurodiversity

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