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Patient Advocacy Resources 

What does BCPA mean?

BCPA = Board Certified Patient Advocate

BCPA is a credential earned by those who have studied and passed the official certification exam to determine their abilities and fitness for serving patients and their families who need assistance with some portion of their journey through the healthcare system.

If you see the BCPA initials after someone’s name, they have earned this designation.

The credential was developed by the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB).

Learn more about PACB. 

As a Board Certified Patient Advocate, I adhere to certain principles, ethical standards, and codes of conduct

I strive to be transparent and in agreement and adherence while under contract with my clients at all times.

Essential to the profession of advocacy is the belief that equal access to appropriate healthcare and treatment is the right of each individual. With that said, I have broadened my patient advocacy efforts to ensure this.   

I have a responsibility to inform clients of my specific areas of proficiency in what I have demonstrated experience and only assist clients within those areas. With that said my speciality lies within navigating the healthcare system with chronic illness (including mental health) through advocacy, education, support, and inspiration. While I do have some experience in other specialities, I refer out for situations that are based on medical billing and insurance, cancer, geriatrics/elder care, addiction and/or, hospice. I can provide you with a list of resources, including patient advocacy organizations and other professional health advocates/BCPA's that can better serve those needing this type of service.

I am a certified birth doula and have a decade worth of experience within pregnacy, and childbirth. However, I do not provide on-call birth doula services. I can provide general advocacy services to those experiencing a high risk pregnancy due to chronic illness including advocacy, support, education, and empowerment through childbirth preparation and planning. 


I believe that resources should be widely available for those to make informed decisions and gain access to the services they need depending on their specific situation. I have linked a few patient advocacy organizations that offer a variety of services below.


Patient Advocacy Organizations 


Greater National Advocates (GNA)

About GNA: Caring professionals ready to help including BCPA's specializing in other area's of healthcare. Their mission is to wake up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of Independent Patient Advocacy and provide patients and loved ones with immediate online access to a trusted network of qualified practitioners. They use fact-based media to spread awareness and steer patients and their loved ones to where they can learn more about Independent Patient Advocacy and find the professional support they need.


Health Advocate X

About Health Advocate X: 

A national non-profit organization that brings together health advocates, patients, caregivers, health providers, allied health businesses, communities and educational representatives to promote health advocacy with the purpose of helping every person get the care they deserve. We aim to help patients and their families or caregivers struggling to understand and access the health care system.  

Individuals are actively involved, fully understand, and can make their wishes known to choose the care they want.


Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF)

About PAF: NPAF's affiliate organization, A national 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity that provides direct services to patients with chronic, life threatening and debilitating diseases to help access care and treatment recommended by their doctor. They provide patient services, eliminating obstacles in access to quality healthcare. Some services they offer is case management, co-pay relief, financial aide funds, educational resources, and are known for their Financial National Resource Directory.    

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