Patient Safety
Medical Trauma
Complex Medical Cases (such as EDS/POTS/MCAS/PANDAS)
High Risk Pregnancy/Childbirth/NICU Cases
Palliative Care

General Patient Advocacy/Case Management:

· Medical Record Review & Discussion
· Medication Review & Discussion
· Medical Research & Discussion 
· Physician/Specialists Navigation
· Second Opinion Navigation 
· Medical Testing/Procedure/Surgery Navigation
· Integrative & Functional Medicine Navigation
· Wellness & Prevention Navigation
· Mental Health &/or Substance Abuse Navigation
· Patient Rights Information
· Medical Terminology Translation
· Clinical Trials Navigation 
· Education Accommodations Navigation 
  (IEP/504 planning/college disability services) 
· Organization of Medical Records 
  (Medical Binder Supply)
· Health Care Team Building
· Preparation &/or Accompany to Appointments
· Hospital Bedside Monitoring/Visits as Liaison
· Caregiver/Family Resources, Education & Support 
· Mediation Services for Family Health Matters
· Support Group Navigation
· Community Resources Navigation

Advanced Care Planning & End of Life Care Planning:

 *It is never too early to start Advanced Care Planning!
· Advanced Directives
  (ex. Healthcare Proxy/Advanced Directives/Living Will/Power of Attorney) 
· College Preparation Advanced Care Planning 
  (Legality changes when child turns 18)
· Home Health/Respite Care/Palliative Care/Hospice Navigation
· Life Insurance Navigation
· Funeral Home/Cremation Navigation 
· Organ Donation Navigation
· Body Donation for Science Navigation 

Legal/Fiduciary Services:

· Worker’s Compensation Navigation
· Disability Navigation (including short-term, state disability programs, SSI & SSDI)
· Malpractice and Medical Error Navigation 
· Advanced Care Planning Paperwork (see Advanced Care Planning section above) 
· Guardianship or Conservatorship Navigation

Medical Billing/Health Insurance Services:

· Medical Billing Navigation
  (disputes, denials of claims, appeals)
· Health Insurance Navigation 
  (including Healthcare Marketplace, Medicare & Medicaid)

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and to go over services in depth as well as price options.