1. As a person suffering from chronic illness Ashton knows first hand that finding someone to help you advocate for yourself is crucial in getting the care that is needed and necessary. She is knowledgable, understanding, caring and very passionate in providing help and resources for patients to get better healthcare for themselves or their loved one. Ashton will go above and beyond for you or your family member because you are worth it.
    Micki (& Makahla) RIsner
  2. I have known Ashton for a couple years now. She is the creator of our local support group for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. When I stumbled upon her group I was broken, depressed and didn't have a great outlook on life anymore. EDS is a very difficult disorder to live with. Ashton helped me tremendously. Having EDS herself Ashton is knowledgable about the latest medical criteria, publications, literature, chronic pain, proper diet...etc. She has become someone I trust implicitly and seek advice from often. She's given me a place where I feel like I belong. I am certain she will help so many as a patient advocate.
    Sara Little
  3. Ashton is the patient advocate every complex patient deserves. She is constantly fighting for the best treatment for herself and others and helps making resources available to all.
    Allie Mary
  4. Ashton has helped me in immeasurable ways. Her knowledge of rare diseases and chronic illness made it possible for me to get my life back together. If for not connecting with Ashton at the time I did, I would be so behind in getting diagnosed and receiving proper medical treatment. Ashton has had experience with navigating the medical world long before I stepped in. Ashton helped educate and inform me of my options with doctors and medications. After becoming informed I was able to see the right doctors that understood me and provided treatments. I then saw results and was able to function again to continue my life.
    Kiana McCutcheon
  5. Ashton is a breathe of fresh air, having a real passion for advocacy and helping others live their lives to the fullest. She has the ability to advocate for others while maintaining clear communication skills, and a calm ability in handling stress. I admire Ashton's many approaches to helping and supporting others in their care (she uses a whole body/life approach) including researching doctors, treatments, both holistic and alternative methods, and the genuine sense of caring she has for everyone whether she has just met you or known you for years! Ashton has inspired me as well to have an optimistic view in my own illnesses.
    Cathy Murdick